CDA Deployment target for IBM z Systems Endevor

Bridge the silos with a ARA for cross platform release automation.


Today most mainframe apps will be treated separately with dedicated change processed and toolsets.

Majority of the delivered services will have a mix of mainframe and distributed apps. However there is no automated orchestration or end-to-end automation to release the entire application with cross platform dependencies.

Mainframe becomes an island which is being actively avoided by IT teams, focused on the agility around new web apps, unwillingly creating the unnecessary bi-modal IT setup, where the agility stops when mainframe is part of the service.


With Automic you get the same process only viewed from one single GUI, grating access to the control, planning and the deployment. The code, environents, packages of Code and JCL are seen from the ARA GUI. The Automic Deployment proceseses move the package from Envirnmnet to environment. Emails and notifications - messages etc are sent automatically. The process can be graphically presented so that managers, users, Developers and Operators can get an overview of the progress and the progress of all the releases taking place.

  • New customer facing apps will be available for business use sooner.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction when using new apps that offer more features and fewer errors.

  • Dev staff free to spend more time creating IT systems that add business value.

  • IT Ops able to focus on optimizing business performance of IT services.

  • Single platform to cover all the platforms in the organisation, bringing devops and agility principles to the entire IT stack.

  • Empower non-mainframe skilled staff to deliver change via automated platform.

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Products Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 12.x, 12.1
Operating Systems z-OS
Last update 2020-09-09 09:24:33.0
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