Automic DB Metric Visualization

The Automic DB metric was enabled with v21.0.9++ and cannot be turned off.
A WorkProcess picked at random performes the check hourly.
This test is the same as the one performed during the system's startup and it is represented with U#3533 in the log file.

To use this dashboard do the following:
  • BEFORE importing the zip file, make sure that SQLI variables are allowed (client 0 - UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS / SQLVAR_INTERNAL = Y).
  • Within the zip file you find the XML import and an additional file for the AWI. That file must be placed in the AUTOINSTALL folder.
  • All other settings needed are checked by the script and prompted, if some need adjustment.
  • To fill the dashboard charts with data, run the script '_AE.DBOPEN.GET.VALUES.FOR.PERF.METRIC.CHARTS'.
    • this script should be scheduled to run hourly 2 minutes after the hour in v21++ and 2 minutes before the hour in v24++.
    • the system will perform the check every full hour sharp in v21 and 5 minutes before every full hour in v24++.
  • the (i) icon can be used on each chart to get detailed information on the values presented.

here are some sample charts from our lab and production systems