TeamCity Plugin

Automatically deploy your application artifacts, immediately after code build via TeamCity


TeamCity is the continuous integration solution from JetBrains. It helps build application artifacts.

This Plugin connects TeamCity to Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly known as Automic Release Automation).

Thanks to Continuous Delivery Automation and the numerous tools that it integrates with, the new version of the business application behind the build artifact is rapidly installed and tested (compliance and security, functional quality and performance).

The plugin adds the following Task to TeamCity:

  • "Create CDA Package": Creates a Package in Continuous Delivery Automation.
    • You can add the build artifact to the new Package
    • Continuous Delivery Automation will then automatically deploy the artifact (configuration required)

For detailed compatibility information try the Compatibility checker.

Continuous Delivery Automation documentation contains information on the plugin. Example: V12.2 Manual.

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Products Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 12.x
Solution Area CI, build, build
Last update 2020-04-20 07:03:31.0
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