SSH Action Pack

Simplify running commands on remote machines via SSH

The Action Pack can be used for running remote commands from Unix/Windows machines to Unix/Windows machines (cross-platform).

Network communications can go through a proxy to reach the target machines.

The "Run Commands" Action takes a script block to run on a target machine. You can type-in the various commands in different lines, or you can separate them by ";" or by "&&" (to force a specific behavior in case of failure of a command - subject to behavior of the target operating system). You can specify file names on the agent machine where the standard output and the standard error will be written. The Job Log will contain the standard output and the standard error of the commands. A variable captures the error code of the last executed command. You can specify a return code to capture in order to consider the Action ends in a success status.


  • Run Commands


  • A Windows or Unix automation agent (it will be the SSH client)
  • Oracle JRE 1.7 or higher must be installed on Agent machine and "java" must be set as executable
  • A SSH server installed and operational on the target machines
  • A network connection to the SSH server on the target machines

Full documentation of this Action Pack is included as a documentation object once the Package is installed on your Automic One Automation Platform.

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Products Continuous Delivery Automation, Continuous Delivery Automation, Automic Automation
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Solution Area Network Devices
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