ServiceNow Service Connector

Self-service delivery of IT and business automation services using CA CDA or CA ASO


The Automic ServiceNow Service Connector (SNSC) provides an easy way to enable ServiceNow users to consume Automic processes for the Business and IT that are published as ServiceNow Service Catalog entries for self-service delivery.

SNSC is part of CA Automic Service Orchestration (CA ASO) product. ASO fully orchestrates the delivery of complex services such as the provisioning, updating, changing and de-provisioning of service components across business, application, and infrastructure layers whether on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud. Unlike alternatives, which are best suited to greenfield data centers, CA ASO allows to protect existing investments in IT tools and integrates them rather than rip and replace them.

SNSC is certified for ServiceNow Jakarta, Kingston and London versions.

View the Connector on the ServiceNow Store.

You may consult the Connector documentation in the main Automic documentation, example in V12.2.

Available Actions:

  • Runs Automic processes for the Business and IT in concert with ServiceNow workflows
  • Enables a secure connection between ServiceNow and the Automic Service Orchestration product
  • Automatically populates ServiceNow Service Catalog entries with selected Automic processes for the Business and IT
  • Dynamic generation of rich user interaction forms in ServiceNow based on Automic workflow parameters



The version in Automic data is different than the number you see in the ServiceNow Store.

# in Automic Versioning System  # Shown in ServiceNow Store
2.2.0 1.1.6
2.1.0 1.1.5


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Products Continuous Delivery Automation, Service Orchestration, Automic Automation
Versions 12.x
Solution Area ITSM
Operating Systems Linux, Windows, Windows
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