ServiceNow Action Pack

Automate IT services with Automic whilst letting end-users and IT teams informed of the executed IT operations


ServiceNow is a software-as-a-service provider, delivering a wide range of software solutions based the "now" platform. IT Service Management is one of the main areas covered by ServiceNow.

This Action Pack for ServiceNow is an outbound integration, from Automic to ServiceNow. It enables you to create and manage the life cycle of incidents, change requests and change request tasks (e.g. create, comment, change status).

This way, end-users and IT teams are kept informed on the IT operations that Automic automates.


  • Incidents
    • Create Incident
    • Assign Incident
    • Update Incident State
    • Attach File to Incident
    • Get incident


  • Change Request Actions:
    • Create Change Request
    • Assign CR
    • Update Change Request State
    • Attach File to CR
    • Get CR Approval Statu


  • Change Task Actions:
    • Create Task
    • Assign Task
    • Update Task State
    • Attach File to Task
    • Get Task


  • Generic Actions:
    • Create Record
    • Get Record
    • Get Record Field
    • Add Comment
    • Set Value
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Products Continuous Delivery Automation, Continuous Delivery Automation, Automic Automation
Versions 12.1, 12.2, 21.0
Solution Area ITSM, ITSM
Last update 2023-02-13 19:41:40.0
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