Rational ClearCase Action Pack

Automate IBM Rational ClearCase

Rational ClearCase is a family of computer software tools for supporting software configuration management (SCM) of source code and other software development assets, including revision control. ClearCase forms the base for configuration management for many large and medium sized businesses and can handle projects with hundreds or thousands of developers. It is developed by the Rational Software division of IBM.

Available Actions:

  • Check-in, Check-out, Uncheck-out code
  • Make, End, Remove view
  • Start/Set view
  • Generic cleartool call
  • Make attribute
  • Make attribute type
  • Make branch
  • Make branch type
  • Make element
  • Make label
  • Make label type
  • Mount and Unmount VOB (Versioned Object Base)
  • Set config spec

Supported Platforms

The actions run on the following platforms:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Linux Redhat
  • Solaris 10
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Products Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 11.x
Operating Systems Linux, Solaris, Windows
Last update 2016-03-23 12:34:51.0
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