SAP Cloud ERP Plugin Extension

Run and monitor SAP IBP and SAP DSoD jobs

Cloud ERP is SAP’s enterprise resource planning software that is accessible over the Internet. As the IT backbone or “brains” of a company, SAP Cloud ERP provides advanced functionality for all the core processes in an organization.
This Plugin Extension is compatible with AutoSys, dSeries, ESP and CA 7 Workload Automation solutions and it allows you to easily integrate SAP Cloud ERP with your existing enterprise workload automation solution enabling you to perform scheduling and automation of various functions within the SAP Cloud ERP capabilities. 
By extending your existing enterprise automation to the SAP Cloud ERP you maintain end-to-end visibility, regain centralized command and control, alerting, SLA management, reporting and auditing.


  • Schedule execution of SAP IBP & SAP DSoD jobs on the target SAP Cloud ERP environment
  • Monitor to completion the execution and status transitions of the SAP IBP or SAP DSoD jobs
  • Stop SAP IBP or SAP DSoD jobs
  • View execution log for problem diagnosis


See online documentation for further information.
Please log in using your Broadcom account to download this plugin.
Please log in using your Broadcom account to download this plugin.
Products AutoSys, dSeries, ESP, CA 7
Versions 11.x, 12.x
Last update 2024-04-10 20:12:42.0
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