Integrate with Citrix NetScaler using Automic Automation

This action pack integretes with Citrix NetScaler, which enables you to integrate your NetScaler in automation use cases. This action pack contains almost 60 actions, overspanning areas of handling Servers, Virtual Servers, SSL configurations, Content Switching and Monitoring. 
The following actions are contained in this action pack:
  • Content switching
    • Add Content Switching Action
    • Enable Content Switching
    • Get Content Switching Action
    • Get Content Switching Status
    • Remove Content Switching Action
    • Rename Content Switching Action
    • Unset Content Switching Action
  • Monitoring
    • Add Monitor
    • Bind Monitor to Service
    • Close Monitor Connection
    • Disable Monitor
    • Enable Monitor
    • Get All Monitors
    • Get Monitor
    • Get Service Binding of Monitor
    • Remove Monitor Attributes
    • Update Monitor Attributes
  • Servers
    • Add Server
    • Disable Server
    • Enable Server
    • Get All Servers
    • Get Server
    • Remove Server
  • Services
    • Add Service
    • Disable Service
    • Enable Service
    • Get All Services
    • Get Service
    • Get Service Binding
    • Remove Service
  • SSL
    • Add Policy
    • Add Policy Label
    • Add SSL Action
    • Bind Policy Label
    • Create Certificate Staging Request
    • Create DSA Key
    • Create Root SSL Certificate
    • Create RSA Key
    • Create SSL Certificate
    • Get All Policies
    • Get All Policy Labels
    • Get Policy
    • Get Policy Label
    • Get SSL Service
    • Remove Policy
    • Remove Policy Label
    • Remove SSL Action
    • Show SSL Action
    • Unset Policy
    • Update Policy
    • Update SSL Service
  • Virtual Servers
    • Add Virtual Server
    • Bind Vurtual Server To Service
    • Disable Virtual Server
    • Enable Virtual Server
    • Get All Virtual Servers
    • Remove Virtual Server
    • Update Virtual Server
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