Automic Azure Synapse Agent

Run and Monitor Azure Synapse pipelines

Azure Synapse Analytics is a popular cloud-based ETL and data integration service that allows you to create pipelines for moving and transforming data at scale. Automating execution from within Azure Synapse creates an additional island of automation for IT Operations to manage.
The Automic Azure Synapse Agent allows you to easily integrate Azure Synapse jobs with your existing enterprise workload automation. You are instantly inheriting the advanced capabilities of your enterprise solution to deliver your digital transformation quicker and more successfully. Simply define your automated pipelines within Azure Synapse and allow your enterprise workload automation solution to manage the scheduling of these workflows.
By extending your existing enterprise automation to Azure Synapse you maintain end-to-end visibility, regain centralized command and control, alerting, SLA management, reporting and auditing.


The Azure Synapse Integration offers the following options:
  • Execute and monitor Azure Synapse pipeline jobs
  • Restart pipelines from failed activities
  • Retrieve processing log for problem diagnosis
  • Utilize tokens or OAuth for authentication
See online documentation for more information.
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Versions 21.0, 24.*
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