Automic Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Agent

Maximize Operation Control for Oracle EPM

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is used by financial teams around the world to comprehensively analyze and report financial standings. EPM is a robust tool for companies, aiding in modeling, planning, streamlining the financial closing process, and steering decision-making across crucial departments such as finance, HR, supply chains, and sales.
Automation by Broadcom facilitates the seamless integration of Oracle Cloud EPM tasks with your current enterprise workload automation solution. With this integration, you can easily configure your jobs within Oracle Cloud EPM and delegate the scheduling of these processes to Automic Automation. This synergy instantly grants you access to the advanced functionalities of your enterprise solution, expediting and heightening the success of your digital transformation initiatives.
Expanding your existing enterprise automation to encompass Oracle Cloud EPM ensures the preservation of end-to-end visibility. This extension also reinstates centralized command and control, encompassing alerting mechanisms, SLA (Service Level Agreement) management, robust reporting capabilities, and comprehensive auditing features. This consolidation fortifies your operational oversight and enhances the efficiency of your automation ecosystem.


  • Run & Monitor Jobs for the following job types:
    • Run Rules
    • Run Rulesets
    • Import Data
  • Authentications supported with or without Proxy:
    • Basic Authentication
    • OAuth2
  • View execution log for problem diagnosis
  • Alert on failure of EPM job
  • Incorporate EPM processing in existing enterprise automation workflows including dependency enforcement


See online documentation for further information.
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Versions 21.0, 24.*
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