Automic FTP Agent

Automate file transfer operations

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a widely adopted network protocol for transmitting files between computers over TCP/IP connections.
The Automic FTP Agent allows you to easily integrate secure file transfers with your existing enterprise workload automation. You are instantly inheriting the advanced capabilities of your enterprise solution to deliver secure file transfer quicker and more successfully. Simply define your FTP jobs and allow your enterprise workload automation solution to manage the scheduling of these file transfer activities.
By managing your FTP activities with your existing enterprise automation you maintain end-to-end visibility, regain centralized command and control, alerting, SLA management, reporting and auditing.

The FTP Agent (technical name Integration FTP) replaces the previous RA FTP Agent (technical name RA FTP). Once you have installed and the FTP Agent, you will not need the old RA FTP Agent anymore. It is not possible to run both FTP Agents side-by-side.


  • Copy
  • Change Directory
  • Create Directory
  • Echio
  • List Directory
  • Rename
  • Remote Command
  • Free Form Command


See online documentation for further information.
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Please log in using your Broadcom account to download this plugin.
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