Dollar Universe Trigger - Java

Using DUAS 6.2+ Triggers in Java.


Using DUAS 6.2+ Triggers in Java. The jar libraries provided can be used in any external project in order to submit triggers.


- JarTriggersLibs:

Contains two jar files to add to your project in order to easily use this module. There is 1 important class (TriggerLib) that contains all important methods.

The methods are:

getAuthToken(Hostname, Port, User, Password): it returns the Authentication Token upon successful connection

startTrigger(Hostname, Port, Authentication Token, EvenType Name): it returns a TriggerResult object containing the status, launch number and trigger name

deleteAuthToken(Hostname, Port, Authentication Token): it returns the http code

- DUASTriggersSourceCode

Contains the source code of the jar libraries for reference

- JavaSourceCodeExample:

Contains a short example using the libraries, it illustrates the implementation of the triggers via this module

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Products Workload Automation, Dollar Universe Workload Automation
Versions 6.x
Operating Systems Linux, Windows
Last update 2015-05-13 01:26:49.0
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Community Source dollar-universe-trigger-java

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