CA Service Catalog Plugin

Create service request forms that trigger Automic workflows

CA Service Catalog helps you expose service offerings where, when and how they are needed, whether mobile or in portals. Thanks to CA Service Catalog, end-users can request IT on non-IT services to be fulfilled.

Automic Service Orchestration automates any technical or business workflow. Thanks to its many integrations with infrastructure providers and applications, Automic can execute all the IT operations necessary to fulfill a service request.

By integrating CA Service Catalog with Automic, you can provide self-service offerings that will be fully automated. IT teams will have more time to spend on tasks that provide higher-value to the enterprise, and end-users will gain time by having services delivered super-fast.

The CA Service Catalog Plugin loads into CA Service Catalog. It allows service catalog designers to create service request forms that trigger Automic workflows.

See also: CA Service Catalog Action Pack (to be loaded into Automic), which allows workflow designers to let automation workflows inform end-users about the progress of their service requests.

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Products Continuous Delivery Automation, Continuous Delivery Automation, Workload Automation, Automic Automation
Versions 12.x
Solution Area ITSM, ITSM
Last update 2020-05-08 13:29:40.0
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