Automic AWS EventBridge Agent

Send Amazon EventBridge events from Automic

Amazon EventBridge is a scalable, serverless, fully managed event bus that you can use to integrate applications using events. It allows you to route many-to-many events between event-driven services. These Events can come from different sources, such as your own applications, AWS services, and third-party SaaS applications across your organization.
The Automic AWS EventBridge Agent enables sending Amazon EventBridge events to easily integrate Amazon's managed event bus with your existing enterprise workload automation as well as other cloud-native activities.
By extending your existing enterprise automation to Amazon EventBridge you maintain end-to-end visibility, regain centralized command and control, alerting, SLA management, reporting and auditing.


  • Publish custom events to Amazon EventBridge
  • Retrieve processing log for problem diagnosis
  • Alert on failure of event processing
  • Incorporate Amazon EventBridge events in existing enterprise automation workflows including dependency enforcement


See online documentation for further information.
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Products Automic Automation
Versions 21.0, 24.*
Last update 2023-08-18 18:44:18.0
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