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Sample Sysload Entity Enterprise Model

This is a sample Sysload Entity Enterprise Model. It contains Entities for some Sysload applications (e.g. Tomcat, Oracle).
These Entities are flagged for automatic discovery; you can deploy them to many servers (i.e. Monitored Objects) (e.g. via a Monitored Object Group "Windows All"). By default, an Entity will not be shown. An Agent will automatically activate an Entity on a server where the application is actually running. The Monitored Object will become a member of the Monitored Object Group you have defined for the application.

  • Sysload Analyst GUI v5.80 or higher
  • Sysload Agents v5.80 or higher
  • Create Monitored Object Groups for the Applications (check Entity definitions to find out the Monitored Object Groups to which they are attached. You can choose any other Class and Group, but then, modify Entities definitions accordingly).
  • Unzip the file
  • Activate configuration automation on the Sysload Agents
  • Open the Sysload Analyst Rich Client
  • On Sysload Management Server, create Monitored Object Groups for the applications
  • Create an Entity Enterprise Model and give it a name, for example "application_kdb"
  • Open the Enterprise Model you have just created
  • Click on the right mouse button and select "Import Entities > From a file" and select the file "sysload_applications_repository.enm"
  • Recommended: Rename the Entities by adding a suffix "-kdb" for example
    • This will avoid conflicts on a future import
  • Attach Monitored Objects or Monitored Object Groups to the Entities (e.g. Attach to a Group "Windows All" that contains all Monitored Objects of type "Windows")
  • Wait that the Agents download the configuration
    • Or do a right mouse button on the Management Server and select "Force Enterprise Model Distribution now"
Going further
  • If you define user access rights on the Monitored Object Groups, these rights will automatically be defined on the Monitored Objects when they become members of the Groups
  • If you define Sysload Portal Dashboards with the Monitored Object Groups as targets, the Monitored Objects will automatically appear in the Dashboards

Target environments: Samples for Windows, Linux and Unix

Current list :

Unix    Application    APP_DOMINO           
Unix    Application    APP_HADOOP           
Unix    Application    APP_SAP           
Unix    Application    APP_SIEBEL           
Unix    Application    APP_WEBLOGIC           
Unix    Application    APP_WEBSPHERE           
Unix    Application    COMM_CFT           
Unix    Application    COMM_IBMMQ           
Unix    Application    DB_ELASTICSEARCH           
Unix    Application    DB_IBMDB2           
Unix    Application    DB_MONGO           
Unix    Application    DB_MYSQL           
Unix    Application    DB_ORACLE           
Unix    Application    DB_POSTGRESQL           
Unix    Application    DB_REDIS           
Unix    Application    DOCKER           
Unix    Application    DOCKERVM           
Unix    Application    DOCKERVM-ALL           
Unix    Application    MON_NAGIOS           
Unix    Application    SYS_CRON           
Unix    Application    SYS_CROND           
Unix    Application    SYS_DOCKER           
Unix    Application    SYS_SHELL           
Unix    Application    SYS_SSH           
Unix    Application    SYS_SSHD           
Unix    Application    SYS_VMTOOLS           
Unix    Application    TOOL_DOLLARUNIVERSE           
Unix    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD           
Unix    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD_FILESERVER           
Unix    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD_LOGMONITOR           
Unix    Application    WEB_APACHE           
Unix    Application    WEB_JBOSS           
Unix    Application    WEB_NGINX           
Unix    Application    WEB_NODEJS           
Unix    Application    WEB_PHP           
Unix    Application    WEB_TOMCAT           
Win    Application    APP_DOMINO           
Win    Application    APP_EXCHANGE           
Win    Application    APP_HADOOP           
Win    Application    APP_SAP           
Win    Application    APP_SAP_DIA_OR_BTC_PROC           
Win    Application    APP_SAP_GATEWAY           
Win    Application    APP_SHAREPOINT           
Win    Application    APP_WEBLOGIC           
Win    Application    APP_WEBSPHERE           
Win    Application    AV_MCSHIELD           
Win    Application    AV_SYMANTEC           
Win    Application    DB_ELASTICSEARCH           
Win    Application    DB_MYSQL           
Win    Application    DB_ORACLE           
Win    Application    DB_SQLAGENT           
Win    Application    DB_SQLSERVER           
Win    Application    SYS_CONHOST           
Win    Application    SYS_PRINTSPOOLER           
Win    Application    SYS_VMTOOLS           
Win    Application    TOOL_DOLLARUNIVERSE           
Win    Application    TOOL_MSI_SERVER           
Win    Application    TOOL_ONEAUTOMATION           
Win    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD           
Win    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD_FILESERVER           
Win    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD_LOGMONITOR           
Win    Application    TOOL_SYSLOAD_MS           
Win    Application    WEB_APACHE           
Win    Application    WEB_IIS           
Win    Application    WEB_JBOSS           
Win    Application    WEB_PHP           
Win    Application    WEB_TOMCAT           

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