Windows Health Check Templates

Templates of Uprocs and Sessions to check some Windows health indicators.


These are templates of Uprocs and Sessions to check some Windows health indicators and trigger some Windows maintenance operations.


There are 6 Uprocs included:
  • IU_CHKDISK: Checks disk anomalies
  • IU_CHKEVTS: Checks Windows events
  • IU_CHKSPAC: Check Disk space usage
  • IU_CLNDISK: Delete unnecessary files
  • IU_DFRGDSK: Check disk fragmentation
  • IU_HEALT_H Header used in the included session
There is 1 session included that will launch thoses uprocs: IU_HEALTH

The templates are available for Dollar Universe 5 and Dollar Universe 6.

Uproc Variables

Note: There is a work document included that describes the objects more in detail.

IU_CHKDISK: Checks disk anomalies
  • No variable

IU_CHKEVTS: Checks Windows events
  • VERSION_SCRIPT: Indicate the version number of the internal VBS script. Must be updated for every change. (Value: 1-n)
  • SERVER: Hostname of the server to be checked (Value: Localhost)
  • EXCLUDE_EVT_CODE: Event ID to be ignored (Value: 10,1000)
  • LOGFILE_EVENT: Category to be checked (Value: Application,System)
  • SINCE_HOURS: Check events for the last n hours (Value: 1-n)
  • VERBOSE_MODE: Show the WMI query executed (Value: Y/N)
IU_CHKSPAC: Check Disk space usage
  • QUOTA_DISKSPACE: Maximum diskspace usage in percentage. (Value: 0 – 100)
IU_CLNDISK: Delete unnecessary files
  • TEMP_FILE: Temporary files (Value: 0/1)
  • MEM_DUMP: Memory dump files (Value: 0/1)
  • CACHE_FILE: Cache files (Value: 0/1)
  • ERR_RPT: Windows Error Reporting related (Vista/2008 only)(Value: 0/1)
  • MISC: Miscellaneous (Vista/2008 only) (Value: 0/1)
IU_DFRGDSK: Check disk fragmentation
  • ANALYSIS_ONLY: Perform analysis only on the volumes (Value: Y/N)


Prerequisites: Windows, Dollar Universe

Implementation: 2 Steps
- Import the uprocs and the session.
- Schedule a task for that session

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