Weblogic WLST Action Pack

Trigger Embedded WLST scripts from your automation workflows

This Action Pack enables you to easily trigger embedded WLST online or offline scripts directly from your automation workflows.

The pack comes with two additional sample actions:
- Create Domain
- Create Group and Users

Oracle WebLogic Action Pack


  1. Download the action pack from Automic marketplace.
  2. Extract the archive to get the PCK.CUSTOM_WEBLOGIC_WLST_1.0.0.zip file, this is the actual action pack.
  3. Log onto the Automic Web Interface
  4. Navigate to Administation tab.
  5. Click Packs then click Install Pack
  6. Select the action pack that you downloaded. Upon installation, the pack PCK.CUSTOM.WEBLOGIC_WLST should appear


Tested on Windows and Ubuntu with Weblogic 11g and ARA V12


This plugin has no official releases yet

Created by....

Henrik Westrell


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