VMware housekeeping jobs

Template Uprocs are provided for general control of VM images.

Template Uprocs are provided for general control of VM images.

VMware environments are present in most companies. Customers running virtual machines face needs like:

- List Snapshots
- Move a Virtual Machine
- Reconfigure a Virtual Machine
- Restart Guest OS on a Virtual Machine
- Remove a Snapshot
- Stop or Shutdown a Virtual Machine
- Start a Virtual Machine
- etc.

This integration is provided for Dollar Universe customers so they can incorporate command and control processing of their VMware environments with the enterprise scheduling environment.
This enables these functions to be incorporated within existing business processes or to automate the execution of startup / shutdown procedures of VM images.
The integration has been written using the “VI Toolkit for Windows” and leverages the Powershell interface provided by VMware.
A series of template UPROCs are provided for general control of VM images, due to the open methodology used for the interface clients can extend the control they achieve within the VMware environment to all the facilities provided by the Powershell interface provided by the vendor.

The solution has intentionally been built onto the Powershell interface provided by VMware, the reason for this decision is to allow it to be extended by our clients as they require and as VMware extend the capabilities of their interface our clients will be able to instantly take advantage of those enhancements.

To enhance the solution you will need to create a Powershell script to perform the functions you desire, you can use as examples any of the supplied templates in the %UXEXE%\VM directory.
After this has been created then you can create a new UPROC by duplicating an existing template UPROC and amend the script and any variables to be passed.

You'll find 2 files:

- a readme document
- a zip of the various jobs made available


Prerequisites: DU v5 or v6, VMWare VI Toolkit for Windows


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