Easily export VARA to CSV & import CSVs to VARA from the context menu

Do you regularily need to change the content of huge VARAs? Then this is possibly something for you. The 2 SCRI objects easily attach to the context-menu of your AE client so you can select any VARA (static, SQL, filelist - doesn't matter at all) to export it's content directly into a CSV file that can be stored on any OS agent.

Importing is possible as well (however only into static VARA).

- Define the delimiter (for export & import)
- No troubles with special characters
- Specify custom header when exporting, skip header when importing
- Different export modes - overwrite, append, cancel on existance
- Put the objects directly in your workflows or start them via the sendto context menu
- A non-interactive mode allows you to export VARAs to your favorite location without any prompt for additional information. Hundreds of entries are easily exported within seconds!

- Multiline-VARAs content is not (yet) supported.


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Joel Wiesmann

Joel Wiesmann