Uproc Dependencies to CSV

Script that will extract the dependencies from all, or a selection of Uprocs

This is a script that will extract the dependencies from all, or a selection of Uprocs, then display the output as a csv file line by line for each Uproc found.

The default value is ALL Uprocs in the production area however the script can take a parameter which can be a character or string to restrict the number of Uprocs selected by selecting only those Uprocs that start with that string. If no uprocs are found then a warning is issued.

If valid Uprocs are found the dependencies are extracted from the Uproc definition and displayed as a .csv file. If there are no dependencied on a particular Uproc then 'NO DEPENDENCIES' is displayed in the csv file.

Sample output for a test Uproc called TST_UPR1 which has dependencies on Uproc TST_UPR2 and either TST_UPR3 or TST_UPR4



Target environments: Unix/Linux.

Prerequisites: Preresequets are that the Dollar Universe is loaded first. The /tmp directory is used as a temporary storage area.

Implementation: At least all $U 5# versions as not tried on Version 6 yet.


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