UniCheck - Log tool for v6

View any Dollar Universe V6 log files (e.g.: universe.log)

UniCheck allows you to see any Dollar Universe V6 log files (e.g.: universe.log). It is currently available on Windows only.

You will be able to quickly see most common errors such as fatal errors, which indicate that a severe issue occurred and impacted Dollar Universe.


  • InfoType check Boxes (FATAL, WARN, ERROR, INFO)
  • Date and Time Selection (First and last Date and time found in the log)
  • Object Tree View selection (Areas and Engines found in the log can be selected)
  • Search inside the log (any string that apears in the log)

Mysql Server (from V4 and above)
Mysql user account (create database, tables privileges needed).

Target environments: Windows


Operating Systems


This plugin has no official releases yet

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