Triggers - Integration with Python

Launch a Dollar Universe Task implemented as a Trigge.

What does this do?

this script will launch a Dollar Universe Task implemented as a Trigger (feature available in Dollar Universe 6.2 and up).

usage example: -host bsalinux06 -port 6000 -login admin -pwd xxxxxxx -evttypename MYEVENT


Authentication OK, Token is: 3fe46cf4-aa13-11e3-90c8-c095c3a56528

Status is: [success] For Trigger: [MYTRIGGER]

Launch Number is: 0000159

Authentication Token Deleted

What does this contain?

It contains two python scripts: contains core functions contains the logic of authentication, calling the trigger, deleting the authentication token etc..

What can we do with this?
  • Test the trigger mechanism implemented in Dollar Universe 6.2 and up
  • Adapt it for other use
  • Rewrite the code in another language using the same logic to integrate with any application
  • etc.

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