Trigger Integration with MVS

Interact with Dollar Universe from jobs running on a z/OS environment

Release 6.2 provides a cool feature called Triggers allowing 3rd party applications to synchronize with Dollar Universe, by notify events to a node, and trigger automatically job flows as a response to those events.

Here is another solution to interact with Dollar Universe from jobs running on a z/OS environment. On z/OS, this can be done with a REXX program. This sample does not require any additional software the MVS environment. It does not implement HTTPs,

The program executes 3 steps:
- log on to Dollar Universe and get the authentication token,
- send the event
- get the first launch number (if a task has been submitted).
- log off from Dollar Universe

Note: HTTP body responses returned by Dollar Universe are JSON structures. There is no JSON parser on MVS.

Contents of the package
This package contains 2 files to be executed on z/OS (MVS):
- A REXX program named SNDEVTRX. It is a simple program that sends an
event to a Dollar Universe node.
- JCL named SNDEVT to execute the program SNDEVTRX. This JCL sends the
event named ENDOFCHAIN with a property named RETCODE.

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