Compare objects efficiently in Automation Engine clients.

TreeCompare for Automic Automation Engine is a utility expertly designed to compare objects between two Automation Engine clients. TreeCompare can find and compare 17 different object types and more than 250 different attributes within minutes. TreeCompare also offers tools within the utility that allow for movement of objects between clients.

Discover: Easy to understand layout ensures maximum flexibility and a range of options when comparing and copying objects between clients.

Clarity: Each object can be compared down to individual attributes, which are presented crisply on the interface to easily identify small differences.

Access: Upon refresh, amendments made within the Automic Automation Engine are instantly ready for comparison, ensuring fluid productivity.

Now you can compare the individual attributes of an object and copy different objects. You can also smoothly compare the task properties of each individual task inside of a workflow.

The abundant interface facilitates skillful and productive team work. You can now export different objects, unload them as a transport case so they can be backed up, or even send to members of your team for collaboration or presentation.

Stuctured design
You can quickly and easily navigate through object attributes and identify different values using the detailed attribute view.



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