Tool for Sysload Monitor-Mib To Trap Filter

Converts traps found in SNMP MIBs to be readable by Sysload Monitor

This tools converts a SNMP MIB to a XML file compliant with Trap Filtering feature in Sysload Monitor

How Sysload Monitor works with traps :
Filtering allows defining which traps will be routed to Sysload Monitor.
The filters are defined in xml files stored in the directory 'trapfilters' of the SNMP Trap Adaptor folder:
Several files can be used. There are no prerequisites regarding the name or the extension of the files, but they have to respect the following format:

When a trap is received, the SP SNMP Trap Adaptor looks for the line , which indicates the OID of the incoming trap.
If no such line is matched, the adaptor looks for a line having an element such as oid=`"*`".
If an OID is finally found, the adaptor forwards the trap to Sysload Monitor.

Note : Be sure to have at least one line like the following at end of one trapfilter file (or in a separate text file):

How to install the generated XML trap filter file :
Copy the generated file to \spmmonitor\spmadapter\snmptrap\trapfilters"
and restart Sysload SP SNMP Trap Adaptor service

(Tool written in Powershell)




Operating Systems

Take now into account MODULE-IDENTITY and OBJECT-IDENTITY statements

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