Sysload Query tool to check unassigned Monitored Objects

Gets a list of MO not assigned to any group

This tool intends to check your configuration in Management Server database.

It connects to MS via web service API and gets back the list of Monitored objects, the list of groups and their content.

Then the monitored objects are compared to contents of groups and all monitored objects that are not declared in any group are identified and reported on standard output.

This tool can filter on a given Monitored Object or a pattern matching type, hostname or instance name.

It can also filter on a specified group (matching a given class and name). In this case, only the content of this group will be scanned.

Usage :

sld-mo-check.ps1 -ms_host -ms_user -ms_password [-mo_name MO] [-mo_group_class class_name] [-mo_group_name group_name] [-verbose yes]
Check if MO is assigned to at least one group
If a group is specified, check if matching MO is/are assigned to this given group
If a MO or pattern is specified (-mo_name), check only the matching MO if it/they is/are asigned to a group
Works with Sysload 5.80 Web services API
-verbose yes (no by default): display list of matching MO and found groups

Environment :

Has been tested with Powershell v3 and Sysload Management Server v5.80 on Windows 7




Operating Systems

Created by....

Michael Checler

Michael Checler


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