Sysload Agent for Java

This Sysload agent is able to retrieve Apache Server metrics.

oaJVM v1.2
Sysload Custom Agent for JVM
Discovers and Collects metrics on Java Virtual Machines
by Michael Checler, 16/02/2015
Notes : 
Some metrics are only available on Linux : 
- Native memory allocated
- Native memory used
- Main memory used
"Maximum capacity allowed" metric may be not available if not specified in command line if JVM (corresponds to -Xmx argument)






Any system :
- Java Development Kit v7 or above must be installed

On Windows :
- Read rights from current user on running JVM
- Usually, the service of Sysload custom agent must run under same account as monitored JVM
You may check with the following:
From you JDK installation directory, type in the command :
If this command does not return the PID of the running JVM processes you want to monitor,
then it means you have not the right to do so. Change your account and retry

On Linux :
- bc command (to do arithmetic operations)






Unzip the archive
setup -task install
and answer the questions
To update it, upload the source package in your own Syslaod Studio, modify it and regenerate setup



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