Sysload Agent Diagnostic

This program performs different actions on SP Analyst Agents

This program performs different actions on SP Analyst Agents:
- Given an Agent Group, check whether the Agents can be reached. If not, deactivate the flag "Used for SP Portal".
- For each machine of that Group, given a list of Metric IDs, check if Agents do have those metrics in the history file for the previous day (% of information greater than a threshold value).
- Generate a report in text.

- A PHP library for querying Management Server.
- A base class for a batch program
- A class for a log file...

Information is collected by querying Sysload Management Server API.

The actual work starts in function "execute" of "class_program.php".



  • PHP 5.x.

  • A network connection to Sysload Managment Server


Unzip the contents. Customize files.


Operating Systems


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