Sonatype Nexus Action Pack

Easily incorporate Sonatype Nexus repository into any Release Workflow

The Nexus Repository solution helps organizations build better, safer software - even faster. With over 80% market share, the Nexus Repository is the "go-to" solution for organizations seeking to accelerate software development for Agile, DevOps, continuous delivery or for competitive differentiation.

The Sonatype Nexus Action Pack for Automic Release Automation allows you to build visual workflows to automate artifact retrieval and upload activities from and to a Nexus repository.

Additional Notes

This Action Pack supports:

  • Nexus v2.x


  • Retrieve Artifact
  • Upload Artifact
  • current release

Version 1.1.0

Download (zip)

Package.Nexus 1.0.0

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This Action Pack supports:

  • Nexus v2.x

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