Skytap Action Pack

Incorporate Skytap IaaS into Your Release Workflows

Skytap is a cloud provider that moves beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) by allowing enterprises to package compute, networking, and storage together with their complete operational stack into environments that can be deployed and cloned in seconds. Rather than a jumble of tagged AMIs, AKIs, and VPCs, Skytap organizes your networks and VMs into self-contained environments that support on-premises architectures, networks, and operating systems.


The Skytap Action Pack allows you to build visual workflows to fully automate common Skytap related activities.


  • Automic 11.2 or above
  • Automic Web Services Agent 3.x
  • Plugin Manager
  • Skytap account. (Tested against Skytap Trial Account)


  1. Download the Skytap Action pack GitHub project archive from Automic marketplace
  2. Extract the archive to get the file, this is the actual action pack.
  3. Log onto the Automation Web Interface (ECC).
  4. Navigate to Administation tab
  5. Click Packs then click Install Pack
  6. Select the action pack that you downloaded. Upon installation, the pack PCK.TK_SKYTAP should appear


The integration uses the Automic web services agent. You must create a web service connection object which includes your Skytap username and password, or username and API token. Please refer to the Skytap documentation for further details.

The connection object PCK.TK_SKYTAP.PRV.CONN is provided as a template.


A sample workflow PCK.TK_SKYTAP.DEMO_WORKFLOW is provided to show how the actions can be combined. The workflow performs the following tasks:

  1.        Create an environment from a VM
  2.        Rename the VM
  3.        Power on the VM

Available Actions:

  • Create and Delete Environment
  • Create and Delete Networks
  • Create and Delete Projects
  • Create and Delete Users
  • Create and Delete VMs
  • List Environments and Get Details
  • List Projects and Get Details
  • List Public IP Addresses
  • List Templates and Get Details
  • List Users and Get Details
  • List VMs and Get Details
  • Power VMs On and Off
  • Acquire and Release Public IP Addresses


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Tim Kennedy


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