SharePoint 2010 SOAP API Templates

Web Services 3.0 Templates for the Automation Engine

Exports contains examples of Sharepoint 2010 SOAP jobs for Web Service 3.
Two example Connection Objects are also included for Lists and SiteData endpoints.

The zip files contain the XML export of the objects and 2 jar files which are associated with the Connection objects.
Please place the 2 jar files the /bin/soapAdapters folder of your Agent before importing the XML file. (Since the elements in the Request Object are pulled from the jar file, they need to be in place before opening the job.)


List Methods:

  • AddAttachment
  • AddList
  • DeleteList
  • GetList
  • GetListCollection

SiteData Methods:

  • GetAttachments
  • GetList
  • GetListCollection
  • GetListItems

For more detailed information on SharePoint 2010 SOAP API:
Reference to SharePoint 2010 SOAP API



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