ServiceNow SOAP and REST Templates

ServiceNow SOAP and REST Templates for the Automation Engine

ServiceNow SOAP and REST Templates

In a customer environment, the admin needs to activate the corresponding API plugin on the ServiceNow system. You need to decide which direction you want to go, SOAP or REST. Personally I find the SOAP agent easier to use because of the WSDL.

Since almost every ServiceNow environment is customized from the out of the box installation, there is a WSDL specific to that environment. For example, some companies may or may not have an address field on a given form, this would change the WSDL generated for that environment. Also, some fields are mandatory for some environments and not for others. The following links teach you how to enable the API and get the corresponding SOAP WSDL.

The attached templates are for communicating with ServiceNow's demo sandbox.

Web Service APIs to automate ServiceNow:

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