ServiceNow Action Pack

Integrate into Service Management processes

This Action Pack allows you to integrate into ServiceNow as part of an automated process, focusing on Change Management and Incident Management.

  • Create Change Requests as part of an automated workflow and wait for approval before continuing.
  • Update Changes and Change Tasks with data collected by an automated workflow.
  • Create Incidents in response to workflow errors and attach log files to the incident.

In addition, a set of generic Actions are provided to allow you to work on any ServiceNow table, record and field.


  • Automation Engine v12.x
  • Automation Agent Web Services Agent v4

The Action Pack provides the following Actions:


  • Attach File To Record
  • Create Record
  • Get Record
  • Get Record Field
  • Get Record Sys ID
  • Set Record Field

Change Management

  • Attach File To Change Request
  • Attach File To Change Task
  • Create Change Request
  • Create Change Task
  • Get Change Request
  • Get Change Request Approval Status
  • Get Change Tasks
  • Set Change Task State

Incident Management

  • Attach File To Incident
  • Create Incident
  • Get Incident


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Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy


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