Mass Data Processing for SAP

Take control of your SAP billing and dunning runs.


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Take control of your SAP billing and dunning runs

Run SAP processes in parallel and cut out manual intervention so your company gets paid faster.



Enterprises with a large number of customers need to be able to accurately and efficiently perform payment and dunning runs. Time is of the essence and accuracy is key as both processes impact revenues and cash flow. But mass data processing in SAP requires manual scheduling and monitoring which creates many sources of possible failures. And restrictions on running processes in parallel causes jobs to take much longer than they should, causing bills and reminders to go our late.



ONE Automation for SAP allows companies running SAP IS-U, FI-CA, FSCD, PSCD and RMCA modules to speed up mass data transactions. High volume processing is split into child jobs which are run in parallel whether on SAP or non-SAP systems – with every job being monitored to ensure it completes successfully.

With scheduling of mass data processing fully automated, accounting departments no longer have to manually control invoicing and dunning runs:

    • Integrate SAP mass data processing with enterprise business process flows and manage interdependencies with other systems and applications


    • Reduce job completion times though optimized parallel processing


    • Eliminate the errors and delays introduced with manual intervention with automated scheduling of mass data runs


    • Monitor and analyze SAP mass data runs in real-time and immediately alert staff of notifications and errors


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