Sample Entities for Sysload Modules

Entities for some Sysload Modules (e.g. Management Server, VMware vSphere Agent Collectors).

This is a sample Sysload Enterprise Model of Entities. It contains Entities for some Sysload Modules (e.g. Management Server, VMware vSphere Agent Collectors).

These Entities are flagged for automatic discovery; you can deploy them to many Monitored Objects (e.g. via a Monitored Object Group "Windows All"), the Entities will be activated automatically on those servers where the Sysload Modules are actually running. The Monitored Objects will become members of the Monitored Object Group "Sysload".


  • Sysload Analyst GUI v5.80
  • Sysload Agents v5.80
  • A Monitored Object Group "Sysload" in the Class "Role" (you can choose any other Group or Class, but then modify Entities definitions accordingly)


  • Unzip the file
  • Activate configuration automation on the Agents
  • Open the Sysload Analyst GUI
  • Create a Monitored Object Group "Sysload" in the Class "Role"
  • Create an Entity Enterprise Model and give it a name, for example "sysload"
  • Open your Enterprise Model you have just created
  • Click on the right mouse button and select "Import Entities > From a file" and select the file "sample_entities_sysload.enm"
  • Attach Monitored Objects or Monitored Object Groups (e.g.  Attach to a Group "Windows All" that contains all Monitored Objects of type "Windows")
  • Wait that the Agents download the configuration
  • Or do a right mouse button on the Management Server and select "Force Enterprise Model Distribution now"

Going further

  • If you define user access rights on the Monitored Object Groups, these rights will automatically be defined on the Monitored Objects when they become members of the Groups
  • If you define Sysload Portal Dashboards with the Monitored Object Groups as targets, the Monitored Objects will automatically appear in the Dashboards



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