REST Web Services WADL Conversion Utility

Convert REST Services WADL files into Automic Objects

Automic is able to call web services to integrate into many applications. Both SOAP and REST web services are supported.

REST web services can be formally described using a WADL document (similar to WSDL files describing SOAP web services).

This utility converts a WADL file into a set of Automic objects that can be imported into your Automation Engine to create a REST web-services based integration.


Although REST WADL is not as widely used as SOAP's WSDL, when provided, this utility can save a considerable amount of time compared to creating the integration manually.

The script creates the following objects:

  • A web services job object for each defined web resource
    • Query Parameters added as appropriate
    • Automic Script variables substituted into URIs in place of dynamic parameters
    • Documentation tab populated with comments defined in the CDATA fields
  • A connection object referenced by each job object. Also contains a complete list of all web resources
  • Two include objects referenced in the pre-process and post-process scripts of each web service jobs. The include objects are empty but can be modified as required to provided standardised processing before and after each web services call.

Created by....

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy