Rest API for the Automation Engine

Rest API for Workload Automation and Release Automation

This Rest api covers the Workload and the Release Automation parts of the Automic ONE Automation platform.

It is an open source source project built on top of the Java API for Automic.

The documentation attached contains an overview of the capabilities of the API. Those capabilities are regularly extended.

How to download:

the Rest API is essentially a war file that can be directly downloaded from the github repository (frequent updates occur, so be sure to go there to get the latest version):

The corresponding source code is also available via github or on request.


Feel free to add comments for feedback / ideas for additional features.






  • Activities: Search / Deactivate / Run / Rerun / Quit / Unblock /Resume / Suspend / Rollback / Show / Adopt / Addbreak / Addskip / Delskip / Go / Forecast / Comment / Childstats
  • Agents: Start / Quit / Disconnect / Show
  • All: Lastruns / reports / export / Search
  • Calendars: List / Display
  • Changes: Search
  • Connections: Display
  • Clients: Stop / Go
  • Docu: Show
  • Engine: show CPs WPs / show messages / show DB / show clients / show hosts / show host groups / show users
  • JOBF: Display
  • JOBP: Display / Create
  • JOBS: Display / Create / Update / Delete
  • Notifications: Show
  • Promptsets: Check
  • Statistics: Search / Get
  • Users: List / Disconnect / check privileges / check permissions


see documentation. You can now use the official REST API for ARA (v12).

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Brendan Sapience