Query tool for Sysload history data

Unix shell script using Management Server API to request history data

Validated on Linux

Use this tool to get metrics data from a Sysload system agent by requesting Management Server (Web services API)

How to use :

Request history data on Sysload agent via Management Server API (web service)
        - if agent is omitted : the list of registered agents is requested
        - if counter is omitted : the list of available metrics is requested
Usage : sldgetagtdata.sh [-d ON] -m ms_host [-p ms_port (default:9900)]  [-l login(default:admin)] [-w password(default:sysload)] -a agent_name -t agent_type  [-s start(default:now)] (-e end|-r time_range) [-c counter] [-i instance]  [-o output_file]
        -d ON : Set Debug mode
        ms_host= Host of Management Server
        ms_port= Port of Management Server
        login= User Sysload user
        password= Password of Sysload user
        agent_name= Hostname of agent
        agent_type= Type of agent : NT | Unix | ...
        start= Start of time range (Format : yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss, yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm or yyyy-mm-dd)
        end= End of time range
        time_range= Time range (from start date) = number of periods
        counter= Name of metric
        instance= Instance (=device) for metric
  output_file : File to store response of API request (otherwise standard output only)

(script written in bash)




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Michael Checler

Michael Checler


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