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Reduce ERP and MRP processing by 50% to avoid replenishment delays


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Reduce ERP and MRP processing by 50% to avoid replenishment delays

Run Oracle E-Business Suite faster and monitor parent & child processes to ensure successful and timely completion of your ERP processing.



Timely inventory is the lifeblood of a manufacturing company – with no inventory, production lines stop. And that’s why Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application processing is so critical to a company’s business operations. But when these processes run, hundreds of concurrent requests spawn thousands of child processes. With no simple way to track these processes, operators become consumed opening logs and listings in an attempt to track and validate child processes manually – only adding to human errors and increased turnaround times.



Validated by Oracle, ONE Automation for Oracle E-Business Suite dramatically simplifies the monitoring of spawned child concurrent requests. Parent processes along with corresponding child processes are automatically tracked and checked for errors – keeping them under control. The result – up to 50% faster and more accurate inventory processing that keeps production lines moving.

  • Gain enterprise visibility and control of all Oracle EBS parent and child processes from a single interface
  • Track and monitor child processes to avoid manual operator errors and free staff to work on more valuable tasks
  • Automate scanning of output logs, parse data files and validate database values to catch processing errors as they occur
  • Eliminate the need to time fence Oracle EBS concurrent processing with event based automation – reduce turnaround time for inventory refresh
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