Microsoft SQL Advanced Action Pack

Install MS SQL, configure MS SQL Instances and execute Transact-SQL scripts

With this action pack you will be able to:

  • Install Microsoft SQL server (i.e. create MS SQL Instances)
  • Assign/modifiy a specific Port to an instance
  • Execute Transact-SQL scripts not supported by the JDBC action pack
  • Activate the CLR in an existing Database

4 actions

  1. -Create Instance
  2. -Enable CLR
  3. -Execute Transact-SQL Script
  4. -Set Instace Port

This action pack has been tested with MS SQL 2014.

4 actions

-Create Instance

-Enable CLR

-Execute Transact-SQL Script

-Set Instace Port



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Created by....

Pierre-Boris Bonafous

Pierre-Boris Bonafous