Managed FileTransfer ECC Dashboard

MFT Reporting Dashboard for the ECC using Predictive Analytics and Policy Orchestrator

Reporting Dashboard for Automic MFT (Managed FileTransfers)

The transfer of data is the foundation for any business and Automic helps to faciliate and manage these transfers.
Reporting is a must for reviewing and analyzing the 100's (if not 1000's) of individual transfers.


This Dashboard provides a starting point for building additional reporting.

  • File Transfers Per Month
  • Largest File Transfers in KB
  • Longest running File Transfers
  • Transfers by Client
  • Success vs Failures
  • Counts by File Transfer
  • Counts by Destinations
  • Counts by Source

This plugin includes templates and configuration instructions.

Required ONE Automation Platform Components:

  • Automation Engine v9 / v10
  • Policy Orchestrator and Predictive Analytics

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