Job Request Manager Service Task to deactivate Automic Job objects

Define a Job Request Manager Service Task which enables users to de-activate scheduled Jobs for a period of time.

It is not unusual that (business) users wanted to have a periodically scheduled Job or Workflow de-/activated for short period of time.  The day planning should not be modified since this is just a temporary necessity.

The Service Task enables you to build a Job Request Management Service which allows users to create a request to de-/activate an Automic Job for short period of time. No manual interactions required, because this Service Task de-/activates the Automic object directly.

Such Service Task helps to reduce the number of emails or phone calls from users with the request to deactivate Job A for X days.

The Service Task is capable to manipulate the ‘active’ property of following Automic Objects
(JOBP), Jobs (JOBS), Schedule (JSCH), Script (SCRI), MFT Job (JOBF), and all Event Types.

It deactivates either the Automic Object directly which has impact on all occasions where the object is being used or the name of a Workflow can be provided which limits the de-activation to this particular Workflow only.

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Kay Koll

Kay Koll


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