Export and Re-Import Job Events

Export/Import all Dollar Universe Job Event.

This is a Perl script that can:
  • Export all Dollar Universe Job Event to a file
  • Re-Import the job event from that file
Expected arguments:

To Export:
     -export <FILENAME> <AREA> <NODE>

To Import:
    -import <FILENAME> <AREA> <NODE>

<AREA> and <NODENAME> are optional
Such script can be used when the even file has to be reset. With this script, all events can be recreated after the uxrazfic.
In that case the typical procedure would be:
  • Export the event: 
perl du_events_export_import.pl -export c:\event.txt
  • Stop Dollar Univere
  • Backup the file data/exp/u_fmlp60.dta
  • Reset and do a reorganization of the event files
uxrazfic u_fmlp60 X
  • Start Dollar Universe
  • Re-import the events
perl du_events_export_import.pl -import c:\event.txt

Target environments: Windows, Unix, Linux

Prerequisites: Perl


Operating Systems


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