Event Engine Collector for SQL

Scan SQL tables and automatically trigger tasks via Event Engine

With CA Automic Event Engine, you automatically trigger tasks based on external sources of events. You use Event Engine for example for running a business processes as soon as a transaction has occured in a third-party system, or as an automated remediation to an incident created in your service desk application.

SQL Collector scans SQL tables and natively integrates with the Event Engine feature as a source of events:

  • Powerful centralization of events in the CA One Automation Platform
  • Rapid evaluations of table row content to automatically trigger reactions thanks to Rules embedded in the CA One Automation Platform

The Collector package consists of the following artifacts:

  • "sql-collector.jar" (the collector binary)
  • "application.properties" (configuration for the collector)
  • "README.txt"
  • "THIRD-PARTY-LICENSES.txt" (license information)

You can start it using the CA One Automation Platform Service Manager.


  • The SQL Collector is a Java program that can run on any operating system supported by Oracle Java Runtime Environment version 1.8
  • Java 1.8 (JRE 8) 64 bit installed
  • CPU: Dual core
  • RAM: 4GB+ recommended, depending on the average size of one record and the amount of records retrieved by the query
  • Network communication to the CA Automic One Automation Platform Analytics Backend

More info:

  • Contact your account manager
  • User Manual on Event Engine
  • Full documentation for this Package is included as an object within the Package once installed in your CA Automic One Automation Platform


  • For detailed compatibility information try the Compatibility checker
  • Full documentation for this package is included as an object within the package download
  • current release

Version 1.1.0

Download (zip)

Collector.SQL 1.0.0

Automic released this

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