Establish Shared Metrics for DevOps Teams

Identify shared metrics to measure DevOps maturity.


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Disjointed metrics cause mis-alignment of incentives between your Dev and Ops Teams.



We will help you and your team identify the metrics to measure your DevOps maturity, find ways of how to derive and implement them.

Re-fined metrics, which are used and accepted by both dev and ops and help to optimize end-to-end delivery rather than silos.


  1. Metrics Selection (Stakeholder Workshop): Meet with stakeholders to gather information and share a range of common shared metrics. Help determine the metrics best suited to align with your business strategy and top-level KPIs.
  2. Metrics Definition (Individual Meetings with SMEs): Refine selected metrics for the organization and ascertain how to use existing tools to derive them.
  3. Management Presentation (Stakeholder & Senior Management Meeting): Present defined metrics, how to derive them and provide guidance on implementation of the KPI system.

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