Dollar Universe CLI Action Pack

Orchestrate Dollar Universe

The Action Pack uses the Dollar Universe CLI.


  • Install an Automic Workload Automation OS agent on a Dollar Universe Node to be able to execute a Dollar Universe command locally

Information needed for the Actions:

  • The Dollar Universe home directory
  • The company that will be orchestrated
  • The node that will be orchestrated


  • Check Dollar Universe availability (uxlst fnc): A variable is calculated &DU_STATUS# that retrieve the status of the specific process (LAN, IO...)
  • Outage Window Creation (uxadd OUT): Create an outage window
  • Delete Outage Window (uxdlt OUT): Delete an outage window 
  • List Current Executions (uxlst ctl): List jobs that are in a specifc status - A variable &DU_LST_EXECUTION# is calculated and informs if there are executing jobs are not
  • Start Queue (uxstrque que): Start a Dollar Universe Queue
  • Stop Queue (uxstpque que): Stop a Dollar Universe Queue
  • Update Queue (uxupdque): Update a Dollar Universe Queue - Mostly to change the job limit parameter (JOBLIM)



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Created by....

mark Radonic