Create a DevOps Vision & Roadmap

Identify a roadmap in alignment with your company's vision.


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The understanding of what DevOps means and requires, where to start and which priorities to set often diverges significantly within companies; Finding the right “DevOps mix” and planning a transformation can be a daunting task.



Define a DevOps roadmap, with our guidance, that aligns with your company‘s “why”, its vision, business strategy, values, legacy and business systems. areas of focus and priorities around its implementation.

A unifed DevOps vision and roadmap aligns organizations towards common objectives and priorities while at the same time allowing for change as priorites change over time.


  1. Agree on a joint DevOps vision and strategy (Stakeholder Workshop): Start with the business objectives and consider the current organizational constraints, company culture, technology and processes to develop a realistic vision and strategy.
  2. Find a list of ideas and topics and prioritize them (Stakeholder Workshop and individual follow-ups): Within organization, process and technology, search for improvements required to close the gap towards the vision. Group ideas and topics by themes. Use a do-ability (capability maturity) / impact matrix to prioritize the themes. Focus on quick-wins. Consider other initiatives such as private cloud / PaaS.
  3. Management Presentation (Stakeholder & Senior Management Meeting): Present the vision and roadmap.

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