Create a DevOps Business Case

Compile the valuable ROI metrics that support investing in DevOps.


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Although benefits of DevOps are commonly accepted, benefits are soft by nature and specific investments are sometimes hard to sell to senior management.



We will help you to understand and convey the individual trade-offs of release velocity and costs of downtime (gains of agility vs. downtime costs) and to which extend DevOps is able to optimize these trade-offs for your organization and applications.

Show costs and benefits of specific DevOps measures through measures such as application downtime and its impact on the business as well as the cost of strategic risks such as falling behind competition. Verify the “hard” benefits of certain measures.


  • Downtime Cost Analysis (Workshop): Analysis of historical data, planned downtime and maintenance windows and identification of risks of unplanned downtime. Identify costs associated with each hour of downtime (planned, unplanned) during a certain time per application or process. Understand reputational impact.
  • Agility Benefits (Workshop): Evaluate which release frequency should be targeted to create maximum positive impact on the business and qualify this positive impact.
  • Management Presentation (Stakeholder & Senior Management Meeting): Present results (costs, benefits), how DevOps and Release Automation can optimize the trade-off and what would be an optimal release frequency under the constraints given.

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