Cisco WebEx Templates

Templates to Administer WebEx Users and Meetings

Cisco WebEx is an online meeting and collaboration tool.

Using the templates you can:

  • Create and delete WebEx accounts, perhaps as part of an automated employee onboarding / offboarding process.
  • Reconfigure user and meeting settings in bulk, reducing administrative effort.
  • Schedule Webex meetings and invite attendees. In the event of a critical incidient, getting the right people on a call can be a time consuming process, Automating this process reduces meeting set up time, leading to decreased Mean Time To Repair.


The following jobs are provided:

  • Meeting
    • Create WebEx Meeting
    • Delete WebEx Meeting
    • List Scheduled WebEx Meetings
    • Get WebEx Meeting Host URL
    • Get WebEx Meeting Join URL
    • Set WebEx Meeting Options
    • List WebEx Meeting Types
    • Get WebEx meeting Type
  • Attendee
    • Create WebEx Meeting Attendee
    • Delete WebEx Meeting Attendee
    • List WebEx Meeting Attendees
  • Users
    • Create WebEx User
    • Delete WebEx User
    • List WebEx Users
    • Get WebEx User Details

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Tim Kennedy


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